Show me, a picture that tells a thousand words.


Psychodramatic techniques used in Show me.

The picture, or better say, the sculpture, created by the creator, the player, to be immersed into it.

A few directions helps the player to deepen understanding into oneself and others, aided through:

Soliloquy: verbalising (out loud) feelings and thoughts discovered by being in the picture.

Role Reversal: placing themselves in some one else’s shoes, they understand what others feel and can see things (literally) from the other’s perspective.

Maximisation: increasing the intensity of emotions and actions to give a more dramatic edge, expanding the seriousness of a situation.

Role naming: clarifying what they are doing and how they are acting (through Active Roles.)

Visualisation: becoming an observer of oneself.

Simulation: practicing till the new behaviour sticks.

Dream high: transcending the present, imagining a better future.

Anchoring: the learnings into emotional, mental and physical memory towards new ways of living.

The key factor is that the player should always be ‘looking at the figures” while doing the techniques.

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