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The Play of Life method

The Play of Life digital is for those tired of worrying and facing the same relational issues again and again without any resolution. It is a tool to enhance communication by shifting from words to a picture.

The Play of Life® is a 3D serious play. The player can visualise their relationships and celebrate what they like and change what they don’t. 

It works by creating a bottom-up brain communication by bypassing defence mechanisms, cognitive biases, and directly accessing the limbic system (the emotional part of the brain). In doing this, it helps the player picture what’s really going on in a relationship rather than what they’re thinking or imagining. 

The gap between what’s in our mind and the Play of Life’s picture can be huge. The Play of Life helps us discover ways to close the gap through practical steps. 

It’s not a panacea; it’s the beginning of a journey. The player, guided by the therapist or coach, work on the stage towards a path of transformation.  

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